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Children's Musical Percussion Instruments Can Help Them Develop.

LittleLovees was created by owner/founder Betsy Murphy, whose work with small children over 20 years gave her great insight into the needs of young children and their families.

An early childhood music and movement specialist for 12 years, Betsy saw firsthand what kind of musical instruments were appropriate for children 0-7 years old. She witnessed the excitement that children's instruments, such as a good quality drum, maraca, or xylophone could bring to a young person. She taught young children to tap out a beat with rhythm sticks or to move in beat with something fun like a parachute or scarf.

It is her personal quest to create a website where parents and caregivers can find quality, durable children's percussion instruments, music CDs, DVDs and books, as well as baby and toddler gear that is useful and beautiful for the children in their lives. All of the musical instruments on this website are kid-tested, kid-approved, and child-safe for the ages listed.

Not only do young children derive great pleasure from music, but it also provides some significant boosts for early development.Studies show that listening and participating in music helps children with early language and math skills. Additionally, children develop stronger social skills as they sing and play rhythm sticks or other children's percussion instruments with parents, caregivers, teachers and peers.

Please note the safety precautions on individual instruments.

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